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Short Fiction

This is a collection of my short stories which I write as and when I am inspired by something or someone. Sometimes a word, a picture, an incident triggers a thought which then grows into a story. My first collection, Sepia Stills, which is a work in progress, was inspired by an old school photograph that I found. The photograph prompted memories and little stories that I had quite forgotten. There must be many such sepia stills that take you on journeys into the past, triggering both happy and unhappy reminiscences. 

Sepia Stills

Sepia Stills is a collection of stories that I have written and continue to write as and when I am inspired. As the title suggests all the stories are captured from the memories or nostalgia of one character based on an old photograph.

The Scent of Jasmine
Su Lin



As and when I am inspired by an experience, observation or something that I have read, I am inspired to write a non-fiction article. And more often than not these articles would be about travel, history and music which are my passions.

Fleeing to Uncertainty

"Fleeing to Uncertainty” an article that I wrote based on the true story of my father and his family’s harrowing flight to safety during the Japanese occupation of Malaya was recently published in the Oct-Dec 2019 issue of BiblioAsia, a National Library of Singapore publication.

Beyond the Shores of Home

This book is available for purchase on Amazon in both electronic and paperback formats

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