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A Topsy Turvy World

Updated: Jun 16

This clip was captured by my friend Ragini Srinivasan during her stay in Chennai. Little green budgies are aplenty in Chennai and you can hear their cheery tweets as they fly around. This one has chosen to hang upside down, probably to get a different perspective. It reminded me of a poem that I had written when I was about sixteen.

Wouldn't it be fabulous...

If the stars were scattered on the ground,

And trees grew high up in the sky,

To touch the moon so silvery and round,

And to feel the fluffy clouds as they float by?

Wouldn't it be fascinating...

To have planes whizzing past your front door,

And buses flying in the sky,

To have chickens that roar,

And lions that gently sigh?

Gosh! How fantastic it would be to live in a world which is upside down.

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