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The Mandarin Rose


Set in Singapore, this is a story of a mother and her sons, of power, wealth, betrayal and ultimate redemption.

This is a tale about Rose, her relentless pursuit of success and money and the price that she pays for it.


The enormous wealth that she accumulates loses its meaning for her when disillusionment with her failed marriages and guilt about her own perceived failure as a parent torment her. She eventually gains wisdom and peace through two unlikely women, connected to her past.


"I didn’t want the novel, The Mandarin Rose, to end. I really felt I knew the characters in the story, felt a certain kinship, and wished to be with them as life continued to unfold for them."

~Venket Raman

Beyond the Shores of Home

“Your future lies beyond these shores…” said a wizened old fortune teller to Madison Blue, the delinquent and illegitimate daughter of an alcoholic mother. At that point when the woman had told Blue this, even traveling out of the trailer park where she lived was something that she could neither afford nor even imagine. And yet she would travel all the way to Malaysia, and then to India to assuage deeply ingrained differences within a family that she would discover to be her own and reconnect a circle that was broken generations ago by a flighty young girl not unlike her.

Beyond the Shores of Home is a three part novel that spans five generations. It tells the story of the descendants of a Tamil Brahmin couple that journey from their origins in Kerala, South India in the early 1900s to the rubber plantations in Malaya, to Singapore, and then to California in the United States before going all the way back to their native town, Guruvayur in Kerala, India. Age old beliefs in caste, customs and religion are challenged when one has to leave the security of one’s birthplace to live and work in a foreign land.  Dissension that arises within the family because of differences in caste and religion is ironically laid to rest by the American born, illegitimate; trailer-park nurtured Madison Blue, who has “…nothing in common with them except for some vague facial features.”

Available as print and Kindle versions on Amazon US, UK and India websites.

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