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Still Twelve And Still Only One

This is definitely not a judgment. But I can’t help reflecting on how we always assume that someone else’s situation can never be ours someday, even if it’s that of our own parents.

When there were twelve of us and just one of you

You took it in your stride and shared what you had to give us, equally

It’s fifty years later

We’re still twelve and there’s still only one of you

But you’re an inconvenience we’re trying to skirt around

We’re trying to deal with you as delicately as possible

But we’d really rather not have to deal with you…well…all the time at least

We’re immortal, invincible

We firmly believe that the truth of who you are now, an uncomfortable issue, is an unreal possibility for us

- Inspired by a conversation with a service provider whose chattiness appeared to be a mask for the sadness she felt for her mother.

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