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Sit with me and listen...

I have these stories to tell

Secrets to whisper

And thoughts to share

Sit with me and listen

Voices from my past have faded

Moved on or are just not there

Sit with me and listen

My hearing is not as good

My memory not as it was

So sometimes you have to ask again

Or hear again

I can see your exasperated sigh

But please sit with me and listen

I’m told to find a hobby or read a book

To fill those long hours, months, maybe years that yawn ahead of me

My eyes, like my hearing and my memory have lost their edge

Just like my bones, my desire to learn again is worn

But if you sit with me and listen

Maybe I’d like to live and laugh, and maybe even learn again

For I’m lonesome and have fewer years

But I’m full of memories filled with all that life had to show me

Perhaps there’s a secret there that I can share

Or a lesson there that you can learn

So that you don’t trip the way I did

But more than anything perhaps you can see that when you feel like me some day

All you want is for someone to sit with you and listen

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