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A Glimpse of A Truth

What can be more engaging than the curiosity of a child

About a little sound, a quivering leaf, the flight of a bird, or a flitting butterfly

That twinkle in the eye, that tiny open-mouthed wonder, that chuckle about a magical secret that nature selfishly shares only with him

Can only remind me of my own loss of fascination with the bounty of simple pleasures that mother nature generously provides

To delight, amuse and give endless exultation

Fortunate am I to have had a glimpse of this truth once again

Through the tinkling unbridled mirth of a child who cares only about the twig that wiggles to the tune of a quiet afternoon breeze

-Inspired by the sight of a child in a pram at the bus-stop tickled by the sight of a little twig dancing in the wind.

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